Studio ic28 Rules. Please read and follow.

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Studio ic28 Rules. Please read and follow.

Post by totsubo » Tue Dec 18, 2007 2:01 pm

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Updated on June 01, 2010.

To all:

Welcome to Studio ic28 :)

Please read and follow these rules. In the past, I have found that a lot of members are posting in the wrong sections. Some members have also been posting requests for obviously copy written material. Although I am Japanese, I can recognize some of the names as being popular HK or Taiwanese artists. I used to disable a few accounts per week because of this.

THIS SITE IS NOT A BIT TORRENT SITE! PEOPLE MAY TELL YOU THAT IT IS, BUT IT IS NOT. That being said, do not email me stating that you want an ic28 account because you saw ic28 listed as a BT site. You will be disappointed. Ic28 is a site for English speaking Asians, everywhere. We come gather here to discuss local topics and entertainment news that pertain to us. Some of our oldest members are not Asian. You can still join if you are not Asian.

:::Basic Rules:::
  • Use restraint and respect others. We have many members under 18 years old.
  • No deep direct linking. Place deep links in code tags. Deep direct linking is ONLY allowed if you own the website being linked to. However, you can provide direct links to a website's main page.
  • No Hot Linking Photos off other people's websites!! People get really upset with ic28 when they notice a ton of traffic on only one image from their website. Do not do it. It is not nice.
  • When creating an avatar, use 90 x 90 pixel images only. If your avatar is larger than 90 x 90 pixels, your avatar cannot be uploaded. It must also be less than 16 kb in size.
  • Signature images are not to exceed 450 x 100 pixels. If your image is hosted offsite, do not use one that requires a cookie to downloaded every single time a page is viewed. Also, if the link breaks, please remove your signature. I will disable them again if things get out of hand. Also signature images can be emailed to me if you want ic28 to host them. You know where to email me. ENABLED on 2006-12-05.
  • No all caps in the topic. THIS IS ALL CAPS. It is annoying. Please do not do it.
  • No requesting stuff in any public section of the studio. Automatic account ban (means no warning or reason given) if you request links to movies, music, games, warez, adult and other such material and download sites in any of the public areas, such as the Discussion, Breaking News and so on. This also means, do not email me requesting stuff either. I will ban you if you do it. I get enough email as it is.
  • No posting "FREE IPODS" or "FREE this and that" links. I had a bad experience with this and no longer allow it.
  • No asking how to download or help in downloading things that are copy protected and you do not own the rights to.
Please come back and review these rules. Image size restrictions and other rules can change.

If you notice that your thread has disappeared, get the hint and do not repost it.

Note: I do not read every thread posted, so I may miss threads that are breaking the rules. If you see a post that is breaking the rules, it does not mean I condone it. Many times if you find your thread missing, it means I simply deleted it (without any warning or reason given). If you find that your username no longer works or that a message states your IP is banned, it probably means you broke a rule and I banned you and/or disabled your account.