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Recall for LG150 cellphones (due to high radio frequency)

Posted: Tue Jan 27, 2009 2:46 pm
by Buttersweet
There has been so many recalls of products since last year...

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Before a cell phone can be sold on the market it has to meet specific Radio Frequency leakage standards to make sure that consumers are not exposed to unhealthy levels of radiation during use. Today LG Canada announced a voluntary recall of their LG 150 handset after learning that it no longer meets the Radio Standards Specifications 102 (RSS 102), Radio Frequency Exposure Compliance of Radiocommunication Apparatus.

"LG's preliminary testing indicates that only LG 150 phones from specific production runs may be affected by this issue" says Mr. William Cho, president and CEO of LG Electronics Canada. "LG is therefore recommending that all LG 150 phones manufactured within such production runs be returned in accordance with the guidelines set out below. LG is continuing to test the LG 150 phones. However, because customer satisfaction and safety continue to be our primary commitment, we are taking a proactive approach and working in cooperation with our carriers to recall all LG 150 phones in Canada."

The company also states that they have heard from Health Canada who is "of the opinion, based on the review of test results and its assessment of current science, that the past and current use of the LG 150 should not pose immediate or long-term health concerns."

From today until March 31, 2009 and receive an LG replacement phone at no cost in accordance with the terms of LG's recall program.