Good News vs Bad News

Breaking news "When news breaks, we fix it."
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Good News vs Bad News

Post by totsubo » Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:09 pm

Good News = GN
Bad News = BN

GN: "That meeting that was scheduled during our lunch hour has been rescheduled!"
BN: "It has been re-scheduled for 6 PM."

GN: "You're not gay!"
BN: "Your father is."

GN: "The snake tastes like chicken!"
BN: "The chicken doesn't."

GN: "You slept with this fine girl."
BN: "She was your sister."

GN: "You saw your second pair of tits."
BN: "The first pair belonged to your mother and these belong to your sister."

GN: "You got a promotion and $10K raise at work!"
BN: "Your job is going to cut in a month."

GN: "That frog you are kissing is magic frog."
BN: "It is a frog."

GN: "You made became a millionaire!"
BN: "You got your @ss beat up, electrocuted, face held under water, fell in sewage, seen your brother screw your girl, saw your mother shot, starved, ..."

GN: "You voted for CHANGE and won!"
BN: "Things really are going to change. You discover that you are now going to be taxed double while your neighbor who makes a couple of thousand less than you will not be taxed at all."

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