Man Wakes Wife From Coma By Biting Her Toes

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Man Wakes Wife From Coma By Biting Her Toes

Post by rensu » Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:50 am

From China Daily:
AA man in Shenyang, capital city of the northeast Liaoning province has said that he woke his wife from a 10-year coma by nibbling on her toes.

Lu Fengshuang fell into a coma after suffering a head injury in an industrial accident.

Zhang Kui had tried for years to wake his wife of 27 years. He had played music, spoken to her, even tickled her, but nothing worked.

"I then recalled someone saying that the feet are the home for many nerves," he told the Liao Sheng Evening Post.

"I wondered if I could wake her up by biting her feet."

So he dutifully bit her toes over a ten-year period until one day she responded by squeezing his wrist.

"I got goose bumps. It was like a dead person suddenly gripping your hand," he told the newspaper.

The next challenge, however, is to help her speak-- so far she can move her arms and smile, but her husband is keen to hear his wife's voice again.
Such a great story, that's pretty cute, biting his wife's toes everyday until she final woke up "STOP BITING MY TOES!" :lol:

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Re: Man Wakes Wife From Coma By Biting Her Toes

Post by EienBlue » Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:39 pm

:lol: good to hear that she's back into reality.

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